Energy_sta.jpg Our Energy Star School

Fact: Kinard Middle School is the most energy efficient school in the state of Colorado (per sq. ft.)

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What is Kinard Doing about Sustainable Living and Energy Efficiency?

Kinard Junior High School Fast Facts
1 of 5 high performing/sustainable schools in Colorado (4 of 5 are PSD Schools)
Winner of the Energy Star Award
• Size – 112,735 Square Feet (750 students)
• Designed – 2004/2005
• Constructed – Spring 2005 thru June 2006
• Construction Cost - $17,000,000 ($145.30/SF)

Kinard’s Sustainable Building Features
Building Transparency – high use of natural lighting to minimize electrical lighting needs.
- Solatubes and cloud effect architecture to maximize indirect sunlight into classrooms
Solartube.jpg Daylight_Classroom_Design.jpg

GeoExchange Heating and Cooling System
- 100 underground wells (300 ft. deep).
- Use natural temp. of the earth to control building temp.
- 72 Heat Pumps

Automated Energy Management System
Computer_Sys2.jpg Computer_Sys1.jpgEnergy_Graph.jpg

Super Insulation:
- 3 inch polyurethane spray-on foam insulation to minimize heat loss.

Wind Powered
- Kinard is 100% wind powered from Wyoming wind farms

Other Cool Building Features
Non-toxic Materials
Occupancy Sensors
“Micro-Loaded” Building

Student Leadership and Involvement in Sustainable Living Practices

What is Kinard CARES?
Kinard CARES is a group of 20 students at Kinard Junior High School who share the vision of raising environmental awareness while making a difference in our community through leadership training and service-learning. This enrichment program takes place during ELO and focuses on how to lead a sustainable lifestyle through the exploration of our natural world. Sustainable living means to lead a simple life within Earth’s natural limits. The idea behind sustainable living is to take care of nature so that nature can take care of us. Students will gain an environmental perspective on how we live our daily lives while building leadership skills and working as part of a team. This hands-on program is student driven. Students collaborate to generate ideas and program activities that will make a difference at Kinard and in the community. Students also focus on planning a spring break trip to Catalina Environmental Leadership Camp at Catalina Island CA. The purpose of this trip is to do some service-learning work as well as develop leadership skills around a passion for the environment. After their field experience at Catalina Island, the students return to Fort Collins with the skills necessary to create positive change in their local community and environment. This experience empowers the students and gives them an important student voice, allowing them to apply their stewardship skills directly to Kinard Junior High and the Fort Collins community. This program is a great opportunity for students to enrich their perception of our natural world and apply their learning to meaningful life experiences.

Mission Statement
“Kinard CARES will create an awareness of the environment and develop the leadership skills of students who will demonstrate how to live sustainable lives through Service-learning.”

What does Kinard CARES do for Kinard?

1. Raise awareness at school about the environment and sustainable living practices.
2. Create manage an efficient recycling program.
3. Create and manage an efficient composting program to reuse food waste. (Coming Soon)
4. Students will explore how to live more sustainable lives on this planet and learn what young people can do to make a difference.
5. Students become active members of their local communities through service-learning experiences.
6. Students gain leadership skills and interpersonal relationship skills through team building activities and the Catalina Environmental Leadership Program (C.E.L.P.).
7. Students establish positive partnerships within our local community and Catalina Island Camps.
8. Students have fun learning through personal projects and hands on field-work.