Fundraising Plan


The purpose of fundraising for Kinard CARES is to promote personal investment in the spring break trip through hard work and planning. By challenging the students with a personal financial investment, the trip will be a more meaningful and successful experience.

The goal of our fundraising is to pay for the entire trip to Catalina Island CA. through the following fundraising model. Any outstanding costs not paid through fundraising will be the responsibility of the student/family.

1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3
Initial Deposit + Individual Fundraising + Group Fundraising =
Total Cost

Initial Deposit- This portion of the trip cost must be paid up front with a check. This check is a way to hold/reserve a spot on the trip. If the student does enough individual fundraising to offset this initial deposit cost, then this money can be refunded.

Individual Fundraising-
This portion of the trip is paid for through individual fundraising efforts. While these fundraising projects can come from group ideas, the money earned here relies purely on the individual work of the student. A few examples of individual fundraising ideas include: walk-a-thons, candy sales, t-shirt sales, etc. The money raised through individual fundraising depends on individual work and goes directly to the individual student.
Group Fundraising- This portion of the trip cost is paid for through group fundraising efforts. The goal is to promote team building and community while offsetting a big portion of the total trip cost. Therefore, all Kinard CARES students will be expected to honor their commitment by participating in these group fundraising efforts (not optional). All money earned through group fundraising efforts is combined and divided equally among all group members. A few examples of group fundraising include bake sales, dinners, auctions, etc.

*All fundraising ideas and projects will be student led and created together as a group to promote ownership for the trip. These projects can be supported by teachers and school resources, but driven by students.