Student Participants

Before checking the list below, please understand that there were over 50 quality applicants most of which were highly qualified and met all application expectations. However, the reality is that we can only accept 25 students into the program for a variety of reasons. Students below were selected based on a combination of data points and qualifications including: completion of all application requirements, teacher input (observations, recommendations and rankings), quality of application responses, grades, group dynamics, etc.

Congratulations to the members of the 2011-2012 Kinard CARES program listed below:
  1. Arnold, Jackson
  2. Campana, Gianna
  3. Emily Chao
  4. Deitchler, Meg
  5. Engel, Rebekah
  6. Gallegos, Jillian
  7. Glover, Jayden
  8. Hamner, Rebecca
  9. Idate, Asmita
  10. Kastein, Erin
  11. Keever, Maddie
  12. Kelley, Lauren
  13. Lafayette, Luke
  14. Lang, Rylie
  15. Larson, Audrey
  16. Lee, Kennedy
  17. Martella, Laura
  18. Metcalf, Wyatt
  19. Mullen, Alec
  20. O'Toole, Ian
  21. Schultz, Collin
  22. Stewart, Ashley
  23. Vassalli, Francesco
  24. Vaughan, Kierra
  25. Visee, Ben



Thank you so much for all of the quality applications that we received this year. We have some OUTSTANDING students at Kinard. If you did not make our final list of 25, please feel free to stop by Mr. Bergmann's room for some constructive feedback on why you were not selected. Also remember that there will be other opportunities to participate in some activities and projects that are sponsored by Kinard CARES next year. If you are interested in these opportunities please feel free to contact Mr. Bergmann.