Behavior Plan


As a student of the Poudre School District, your behavior on this extended field trip must be in accordance with the Student Rights & Code of Conduct as set forth by the Board of Education, Poudre School District. The expectations and consequences outlined in the Poudre School District Behavior Contract (below), are expected to be followed at all times. In addition to the attached behavior contract, the following system will be in place at all times during the trip. All disciplinary action taken will be at the discretion of the supervisor to ensure the safety of all students at all times.

Remember that this experience is a privilege not a right. All school rules will apply. Any behavior that is detrimental to the program and the group will be handled as it would at Kinard Junior High School. If a behavioral problem were to occur, the Kinard staff sponsors will meet with the student(s) regarding behavior concerns. If any serious violation of school rules were to take place that would typically result in a suspension from school (ie. Possession of drugs/alcohol/tobacco/weapons, sexual or violent acts, or anything else that would put a student(s) in danger.) it will warrant an immediate removal from the trip. All expenses and logistics that transpire to send a student home due to a behavioral incident will be arranged and paid for by the student/parent of student.

Also, please read and sign the Behavior Contract and return this form to Mr. Bergmann before leaving for the trip.