Kinard CARES News Update!

Kinard CARES Wins Colorado Environmental Leadership Program Bronze Video Award
October 4th, 2011
Kinard CARES was recently recognized at the Colorado Environmental Leadership Awards in Denver, Colorado on October 4th, 2011. The group won the Bronze Video Award for their production of a You Tube video geared towards spreading awareness to our school community (see video below). The Kinard CARES group found themselves in good company alongside the silver and gold video winners who were divisions of the federal government (NREL) and the State of Colorado Governor's office.

The ELA awards are nothing new to the Poudre School District. The district has been recognized as a long time Gold Member of the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program and has received honors annually for its efforts towards environmental sustainability. This year's ELA event was hosted at the Seawell Grand Ballroom in the Denver Center for Performing Arts.

Pictured above with Lynette Myers, Director of the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program, Kinard CARES students Kennedy Lee and Jayden Glover, were given the unique opportunity to attend the event along with Mr. Bergmann, CARES sponsor, and PSD department leaders, Pete Hall and John Holcombe. The students were luck enough to interact with environmental leaders from around the state including Governor John Hickenlooper and keynote speaker, Auden Schendler. Auden Schendler is the Director of Sustainability for Aspen Ski Company and author of the recent book "Getting Green Done." Not only did the girls receive personal leadership advice from Auden, but he also reference them specifically in connection with Kinard CARES as part of his keynote address in front of hundreds of environmental leaders from around the state. To learn more, click on the links below.

Kennedy Lee and Jayden Glover Attend ELA Awards in Denver CO.
Auden Schendler Gives Jayden and Kennedy Leadership Advice

AudenSchendler-Author/Environmentalist: planetgreen.discovery.comchange-maker-auden-schendler.html